Swaddling is recommended until at least 4 months. Many babiesare ready by that age, however, some benefit from an extra few months of swaddling.

Here’s the general approach: At 4 months, try to swaddle with one arm out (it’s important to keep the white noise playing all night). If your baby sleeps well with one arm out, you can stop the wrapping (but still continue the sound). However, if he does not sleep as well with one arm out, continue with the regular wrapping and sound and try the one arm wrapping again in another month.

The white noise I is continued until at least the 1st birthday! It is super-helpful in preventing the sleep problems from teething, growth spurs and first colds that are so common around 6-12 months.

For detailed information on how to wean your baby off the 5 S’s please read the step-by-step directions in the book, The Happiest Baby on the Block.