Swaddling is the key to soothing a crying baby and helping your baby sleep… that’s why parents around the world have been doing it for thousands of years!

However, you may be fooled into thinking your baby doesn’t want to be wrapped because her initial response is to struggle against it. But don’t worry, Babies don’t have great arm control and often flail about when they have colic. Too many parents think that their baby’s struggle means that they need freedom. You may not want to be snugly wrapped, but most likely you wouldn’t like to live in a uterus either.

Of course, babies don’t really need freedom (they have so little of it in the womb). What new babies really need is security and reassurance and that is exactly what swaddling gives them.

Remember, babies are “snug as a bug” in the womb, and they love it. If your baby struggles against the blanket, just do the other S’sand you will quickly turn on her calming reflex. Being snuggly wrapped will then keep her soothed, prevent her from flailing and upsetting herself again…and keep her from accidentally rolling onto her stomach.