The Happiest Baby (THB) DVD and CD can help any parent become a world-class colic calmer… and help any baby sleep an extra 1-3 hours/night!

In fact, it is revolutionary in 3 ways:

  1. It is based on the novel concept that new babies are not fully ready for the world. In a way, they are born 3 months early and need a 4th trimester of holding, rocking and nurturing (this unique idea is the “ah-ha!” moment that helps new parents understand exactly what they need to do);
  2. It teaches the extraordinary new discovery that all babies are born with a calming reflex – a virtual off-switch for infant crying… even colic,
  3. The Happiest Baby teaches parents exactly how to do the 5 S’s (five simple steps that turn on the calming reflex).

Using the correct technique is so important because reflexes only work when triggered exactly right! For example, if you hit the knee even just a tiny bit too low and – even though it looks like you are doing it right – the knee reflex will fail every time. Similarly turning on the calming reflex usually fails unless the 5 S’s are done correctly.

It is very important to watch The Happiest Baby DVD carefully, use a large, thin, square swaddling blanket and play slightly harsh white noise (like our “Super-Soothing” Sleep Sounds CD). When you do these steps exactly right the effect of the 5 S’s is almost magical.

Once you master the 5 S’s it will be clear to you why The Happiest Baby has been translated into over 20 languages and applauded by experts from the former US Surgeon General, the founder of Lamaze, America’s most prominent pediatricians, La Leche League International, etc.