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708, 2015

Jordan’s Story

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Jordan and her mother Jeannie are a red haired duo. Jeannie, an ER physician, is all energy: petite, wiry and on the go! When I first met her, she told me how sensitive and fiery [...]

306, 2014

From Mom on BabyCenter

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We use it and our child haw few tantrums and has never had a meltdown. We also follow 1-2-3 Magic now that he is approaching 2 yrs old. But behaviors are divided in 3 categories: good (green light) behavior, annoying (yellow light) behavior, and unacceptable (red light) behavior.

607, 2013

Emma’s Story

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Our baby girl, Emma, may have been a little overly sensitive to sudden motions and sounds (she startled each time the phone rang) but it never occurred to us that she could become a fussy [...]

311, 2012

It works! Thank God!

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We found that most white noise machines didn’t really do their job when baby was screaming. At those times, as Dr. Karp teaches in his life-saving book “The Happiest Baby on the Block”, you need a loud sound, so the baby can hear it over his own screams. With this CD you can adjust the volume accordingly.

1104, 2012

I loved it!

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I read the book when I was pregnant, loved it and have been using the 5s’s since my son was born. It was only a half-hearted effort, though. Two nights ago, I couldn’t stop the crying and finally pulled out and used the swaddle blanket I had received. He fell right asleep and so did I!! Four hours later, I woke up on my own and went to check on my son who was sleeping soundly.

911, 2011

Benji’s Story

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One Saturday morning I was at my office seeing the usual weekend sprinkling of children with runny noses and soccer sprains. As I went to meet my next patient I heard a shriek that almost made [...]